Hughes - Big four get special treatment

23 October 2009 08:30

Manchester City manager Mark Hughes has suggested the Premier League's perceived 'big four' clubs benefit from their reputation when it comes to referees.

"You have to be careful because you cannot go around questioning the integrity of people trying to do their jobs," Hughes told the Daily Mirror.

"But if you are talking about games involving Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal, they are big games with huge profiles and if decisions are incorrect, there are consequences. Key decisions become hugely significant.

"Maybe there's a different mindset with the top four. They have had the benefit of a high profile over a long period and there is maybe a bit of gravitas in that.

"Maybe there's also a bit of reverence from the powers that be in terms of their relationship with the personality involved in those clubs.

"The referees don't exactly get sucked in to it, but it's there. It's not tangible - you can't grab hold of it - but there is something out there and that is another thing we have to break down."

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Source: DSG

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