Evans welcomes supporters input

20 April 2012 10:35
Supporters are more than welcome to come and watch the Millers train, or even have a cup of tea, says the new boss!

After the old regime fenced off the training ground, the new management team are welcoming fans to come and have a chat with them as the squad train on a daily basis - and they have already been doing just that in the past week.

Steve Evans told the Tiser today: “I went right round the ground and spoke to as many as I could. There is no us and them, just us, and they are part of us. I want the fans to be included.

“I said it at my previous club Crawley and I'll say it here, nothing would me greater pleasure than three or four local lads being in the team. “It gives the side more affinity with the supporters but they have to be there on merit and justifiably because at the end of the day you're there to win.

“If supporters have seen a promising boy playing in Rotherham or the surrounding villages or towns, I want to know about him before the likes of Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United, Doncaster or Barnsley do. They need to be good enough.”