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    Football is a game of passions and opinions. If you’re a fan, it’s both your boon and your bane; the drug that you simply cannot live without. Your team will break your heart, make you despair and swear that you’ll give them up. Like some lovestruck fool ensnared by a femme fatale however, you’ll be back again next week. You know it. They know it. Just accept it and embrace it. The lows are bad, but oh, those highs…..

    Now in my sixth decade, I’ve been a football fan for over fifty years and a Chelsea fan for every one of them.

    I hold FA Coaching badges and have been a member of the FA Coaches Association for over 15 years, working with numerous teams of varying age and ability levels; it’s the next best thing to playing. That said, I still regularly don the guise of the ‘Panther’, and keep goal for our company team.

    I’ve written a number of articles focusing on Spanish Football for a different website, and welcome this opportunity to “call it as I see it, without fear or favour” about our game.

    As I said, football is a game of passions and opinions, so agree or disagree with what I write as you see fit, I’ll passionately tell you my opinion, you tell me yours.

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