When extra time had no end: how one match lasted 3hrs and 23mins

29 March 2018 11:00
With replays unwanted during the second world war a Play to the Finish rule came in. But, 72 years ago this week, exhausted Stockport and Doncaster players were halted only by darknessDuring the second world war competitive football continued in an irregular, somewhat confused manner, organisation being considerably more difficult when every able-bodied man of fighting – and therefore playing – age was in the armed forces or, at the very least, full-time employment. All unnecessary complications were avoided; tournaments were played regionally and quickly.In 1940 West Ham won the Football League War Cup, a tournament of some 137 games played in the space of only nine weeks. But replays, officials decided, had complicated matters unnecessarily. The following year drawn ties were awarded to the team with the superior league record, but this too caused unhappiness. Related: Which football clubs or stadiums run university courses? | The Knowledge As the marathon unfolded itself both sides suffered. Would it never end, we thought as each side became more exhausted Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian