WhatsApp messages reveal why Kieran Trippier received 10-week ban

06 January 2021 01:50

WhatsApp messages exchanged by Kieran Trippier and friends Matthew Brady and Oliver Hawley have revealed the England star told the pair to "lump on" cash ahead of his proposed move from Tottenham Hotspur to Atletico Madrid last year.

The 30-year-old was banned from all football activity for 10 weeks and given a £70,000 fine by the Football Association for bringing the integrity of the game into disrepute, after several friends bet on his move to Spain last summer.

Trippier received a 10-week ban from the FA for his actions | Denis Doyle/Getty Images

The ban has been suspended upon appeal, as Trippier was said not to be involved in placing the bets and did not profit himself in any way, but the FA published their findings on Tuesday, which reveal the defender telling friends to bet on his imminent transfer.

But what exactly did they find? Here's a breakdown and transcript of the key exchanges in Trippier's WhatsApp messages.

Messages to Matthew Brady

Messages show Trippier encouraging friends to bet on his move | Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

On the evening of 14 July 2019, Trippier exchanged WhatsApp messages with friend Matthew Brady, three days before his move was officially completed on July 17. In these messages, Brady asked Trippier, “Shall I lump on you going there?”

“Can do mate,” Trippier replied.

Brady asked Trippier again, wanting a definitive answer from the England star. “100% Tripps?” he asked.

“Yeah mate,” the defender responded. “Don’t blame me if something goes wrong. . It shouldn’t but just letting you no.”

Trippier left Spurs in July 2019 | Soccrates Images/Getty Images

Trippier then clarified once more for Brady, stating, “Lump on if you want mate.”

Brady later messaged his friend again to inform him that he had placed the bet, although it had been restricted.

“Could only put a little bit on mate, they massively restricted the bet, keep me posted pal.”

“No worries mate,” was Trippier's response.

Messages to Oliver Hawley

The England star has been a hit since joining Atleti | Adam Pretty/Getty Images

Brady was not the only friend to profit from Trippier's transfer, however. Oliver Hawley placed a string of bets on the Atleti man's move to Spain, after receiving the green light from Trippier himself. After one friend stated he had found odds of 6-1 on the transfer, Hawley placed a bet of £27, and a further two bets of £42.15 and £50 at 7-2 on 11 July 2019.

Trippier then confirmed the deal to his pals, writing, “It’s happening," leading to Hawley placing bets of £65 at 7-2 and £40 at 9-4.

Then in the early hours of July 13, Hawley placed another £20 bet at odds of 6-4.

Trippier then encouraged Hawley to come to Madrid with him, writing in the Whatsapp group, 'Pint', “Come Madrid with me to sign mate."

Hawley staked another £20 bet, followed up by two £22 wagers, and another of £300 on July 16 as the deal neared its completion.

The FA's Response

The FA did not believe Trippier's conversation with his friends was 'banter' | Chloe Knott - Danehouse/Getty Images

The FA refused to believe that Trippier's suggestions or hints to his friends were only 'banter', and condemned the former Spurs star for providing 'reassurance' to Brady over the possible transfer and subsequent bets.

“We simply do not accept that these messages would be read by KT as ‘banter.'

"There is nothing about the words used by the men which is consistent with banter as that word is normally understood. The purpose of the messaging is quite clear. MB was seeking reassurance that he should bet heavily on KT’s transfer to Atlético; KT provided such reassurance.

“In those circumstances, it seems to us that we have no option but to conclude that KT knew that MB would bet upon the transfer and, accordingly, the regulatory defense must fail.”

Trippier has yet to comment on the ban.

Source: 90min