What if my child does not want to support my football team?

11 October 2019 13:00
There are more serious things to worry about as I await the birth of my first daughter but, right now, this one looms largeBy Andy Harrow for Nutmeg magazineWhen I was young and single I always assumed that, when I had a son or daughter, they would follow in my footsteps. Sure, they might not spend years working in a call centre or grow a highly dubious chin-fluff goatee in their early twenties, but I thought they would copy some things I do. Like which football team I support. After all, supporting Raith Rovers would follow family tradition. My dad was a Rovers fan and so was his dad. So was his dad, probably, although I have no idea. Let’s say he was, for narrative purposes.I could have supported Queen of the South (the closest team to our home) or Albion Rovers (the team my mum grew up following), but I didn’t. If the Harrow men supported Raith Rovers, that was enough for me too. Related: 'I love watching, playing and learning from it': Gregor Townsend on football Related: 5,500 miles to see one goal: the Hearts supporters' club marooned in England Continue reading......read full article

Source: TheGuardian