‘We walked off and beat racism. Now can we just beat Yeovil?’

27 October 2019 09:15
Haringey’s manager tells of his pride in his team for walking off the pitch … and his hopes for their FA Cup replay Pre-match preparations at Haringey Borough FC are hectic at the best of times for Tom Loizou. Toilets need cleaning, floors wiping, catering supplies have to be stocked and thirsty fans need serving in the bar. Then it’s off to the dressing room to discuss tactics with the players before sending them on to the pitch as he takes his place in the dugout.“I’m the only full-time employee at the club, so I’m responsible for it all. Luckily, I have a fantastic team of volunteers but the buck stops with me,” said Loizou, whose title of first-team manager belies the plethora of roles he carries out at his beloved club. “I bet Premier League managers couldn’t do what I do.” Continue reading......read full article

Source: TheGuardian