Virgil van Dijk calls out Thierry Henry for not replying to text message

04 May 2022 01:00

Virgil van Dijk has revealed Arsenal and France legend Thierry Henry ignored a text he sent him in an amusing exchange on CBS Sports.

Van Dijk's Liverpool beat Villarreal 3-2 on Tuesday night to advance to their third Champions League final in five years, with Real Madrid or Manchester City set to meet them in Paris later this month.

The Dutch defender fronted for CBS' cameras post-game, but while he was on with Henry on their broadcast, Van Dijk quickly revealed: "Titi. I text him but he didn't text me back! You tell him now, Titi the legend."

However, Henry was quick to defend himself and revealed why he did not respond to Van Dijk's message.

"I actually don't have his number anymore. So text me.I'll go to someone else to get his number. I changed my number and when I put all my numbers on my new phone, his wasn't there," he said.

Liverpool legend and fellow pundit Jamie Carragher then mocked Henry for his 'lack of respect' in not replying and also not turning up to the show in a suit and tie, with the Frenchman again having to defend his case.

"He didn't text the right number! I'll get him. You're actually upset because he's texting me!" Henry added.

Source: 90min