Tottenham agree to 'gloss over' embarrassing trolling from new partner Dulux

15 April 2021 08:15

Let's be honest, 2020 was just weird and the turn of the year represented a fresh start for us all.

Turn over a new leaf, close a chapter in the book, call it whatever you want - as long as things started getting back to 'normal' we weren't bothered.

Well.little over three months into this glorious year and Tottenham are being publicly trolled by paint brand Dulux (the nation's number one paint brand by the way, and don't you forget it) who had just minutes earlier announced they'd become the club's official paint supplier. This isn't the fresh start we were promised.

Don't get us wrong, we're all in for any excuse to see a random picture of a dog sat in a Premier League stadium dugout, but what is actually going on?

Shortly after Tottenham announced they'd teamed up with Dulux - presumably as Daniel Levy looks to paint over the cracks caused by Jose Mourinho after months of trying to paper over them - the paint company's official Twitter account decided to just go rogue and started poking fun at their new partner.

Nothing at the club was off limits for the weird torrent of abuse, with Spurs' centre-backs and empty trophy cabinet both taking a beating.

But all's well that ends well and with Dulux having apologised for the 'mis-hap', a group of Tottenham's staff have had a bit of a meeting and after writing down as many paint-based puns as they could think of, they settled on 'we'll gloss over it this time' as they agreed to put the whole saga behind them.

In their deep and meaningful apology, Dulux insisted they were truly proud to be the club's official paint suppliers and that they would be investigating the matter further.

If Gunnersaurus isn't in a police interview room with a light being shone into his eyes at 9am tomorrow, then their investigation is a massive waste of time.

Source: 90min