Thomas Frank reveals how Brentford plan to stop Cristiano Ronaldo

29 April 2022 10:30

Brentford head coach Thomas Frank has revealed how he plans to stop Cristiano Ronaldo in Monday night's trip to Manchester United, while he also insisted that the Portuguese's fans that believe he is still in his prime need a 'reality check'.

Ronaldo has had a patchy season back at Old Trafford but has still managed to net 23 goals in 36 games for the Red Devils.

Frank insisted earlier in the season that the 37-year-old was not in his prime anymore and reiterated this stance ahead of the Bees' match with United.

"I said that because I meant it. I think it's clear he's one of the best strikers ever in the world, one of the best players ever in the world. He will be mentioned together with Pele, Maradona, Messi and Cruyff maybe, these players that were surreal. He's in that bracket. I hope everyone understands that he's one of the best ever to play football, not like out of just 30 players," Frank said.

"But I think it is fair to say that he's not as good as he was in his prime. That will come one day, and then people can get angry at that but they need to have a reality check on that. Besides that, I think obviously some of the goals he's scored this season, the volley against Tottenham I think [showed] an unbelievable skillset. So obviously he has some finishing abilities that showed why he was the best or one of the best in the world and ever."

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Frank then discussed how he plans to try and prevent Ronaldo from scoring on Monday night.

"I think it's very clear we need to stop the service into him. I think his goal against Arsenal from Matic's cross where he's in that position, we know that but it's very difficult to prevent it but that's the bit we'll be aware of, his position in the box," he added.

Source: 90min