'This most ghastly season': when hope turned to loss for one family of fans

29 June 2020 11:02
This season started with such expectation. For some families, it ends with lives lost, seats empty and rituals forever changedBy When Saturday Comes, part of the Guardian Sport NetworkApril 18 was supposed to be Swindon Town’s last home game, when the team were crowned League Two champions after a magnificent season. It was also supposed to be a day we paused to remember, as just before the kick-off the names of those supporters who’ve passed away during the year are read out.Each year is different, and each year is the same. It might be a meaningless mid-table meander, or maybe more significant; either way, within 10 minutes I’m moaning about a throw-in here, or applauding a deft pass there. I’ve moved on from thanking my lucky stars that while I may know some of those names, none of them carry my surname. Related: The joys of taking up 11-a-side football in your late 30s Related: The goalkeepers’ union: why do they stick up for each other? Related: The trials of life with no football on TV Continue reading......read full article

Source: TheGuardian