The Worst Premier League Teams of All Time - Ranked

11 July 2020 04:15

The Premier League. The promised land.

You spend a lifetime dreaming of seeing your heroes go toe-to-toe with football's elite, stepping out on centre court at Old Trafford or Anfield, and beaming with pride as Gary Lineker sings their praises on Match of the Day.

And then the season starts. Week after week, you sit through humiliation upon humiliation, Your previously worshipped manager gets the sack, and you fall asleep before you even get to watch your team get pummelled in the final game on MOTD.

Probably for the best to miss it, at any rate. It's safe to say, that for some clubs, the Premier League just ain't what it's all cracked up to be. And to make matters even worse, for some brave little souls who find themselves in the top flight for an incredibly brief season, their stay is remembered for all the wrong reasons.

So, in honour of Norwich City's now-confirmed relegation back to the second tier, 90min takes a look at some of the worst teams to have graced the Premier League over the years.

Source: 90min