The most goals scored by different players in a single game of football | The Knowledge

24 February 2016 10:00
Plus: lengthy player/manager hiatuses, further adventures in the world of darts/football crossover skills, and very late abandonments. Send your questions and answers to or tweet us @TheKnowledge_GU“As I type, the full-time whistle has just blown at Villa Park where Liverpool have scored six goals, all by different players, which seems unusual to me. So, what is the most goals scored in a game by one side, all by different players?” wondered Andrew Hill the other week.Most of you chose to ignore Andrew’s question and simply send in some interesting, different-goalscorer trivia. We did the same; we’re not judging anyone. We’ll get to those later but first let’s answer the actual question: the most goals scored by one side, all with different goalscorers. Related: Did a football fan shoot the ball to stop the opposition scoring? | The Knowledge Related: Which Premier League manager tried to qualify for a pro darts tournament? Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian