The Highest Scoring Players to Be Relegated From the Premier League

12 July 2020 01:24

Relegation sucks. Whether as a player or as a fan, it's the lowest of the low. Feeling like you gave everything to the cause, but that it simply wasn't enough? Yeah, that pain doesn't dissipate overnight.

In the case of some players, they must feel even more disappointed that the dreaded drop wasn't avoided when they were enjoying fine individual seasons of their own. Namely, the strikers.

We've seen some most atrocious sides get relegated as well as some more impressive ones, but when you're personally hitting double figures for an individual season, there must be a notion of 'well, it wasn't all my fault'.

That has been the case in a few seasons in the Premier League - take Teemu Pukki's 11 goals for now-relegated Norwich as an example - with a number of good strikers failing to preserve their club's top flight status and left to feel the same anguish as everyone else. But who were they, and who scored the most goals but still got relegated? This lot, that's who.

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Source: 90min