The gulf between the Premier League and the rest has never been this wide | Jonathan Wilson

30 October 2023 14:39
All three promoted clubs are in the relegation zone this season. Their struggles reflect a wider problem in the modern gameSign up to Jonathan’s weekly newsletter hereIt was another bad weekend for the three promoted sides. Luton fought gamely but were well-beaten at Aston Villa. Burnley felt aggrieved about a couple of VAR calls but, having led at Bournemouth, lost 2-1. And Sheffield United collapsed in the second half at Arsenal, losing 5-0. After 10 games each, they have just 10 points between them – and three of those came when Burnley beat Luton. Together, they have a goal difference of -50. The gulf between the Premier League and Championship has perhaps never been so stark.This is the way of modern soccer. The rich get richer and the rest get left behind. The idea there has ever been one smooth pyramid flowing from the top all the way down to the National League and the regional leagues beyond that has probably always been slightly fanciful, but the steps between tiers are becoming increasingly pronounced. There is a shelf too between League One and the Championship, as the travails of Sheffield Wednesday (promoted last season and bottom of the Championship this), Wigan (promoted in 2021-22 and relegated last season) and Rotherham (promoted alongside Wigan and third-bottom of the Championship this season) demonstrate. Continue full article

Source: TheGuardian