The 7 Most Unique Kits to Ever Feature in the Suzuki Cup

14 February 2017 12:42

​With the 2016 Suzuki Cup well under way, let's take a look back into the annuls of history at some of the most iconic kits to have been used in the previous editions of the AFF Championships.

From fluorescent colours to stylish designs, here are the 7 most unique kits from the history of the Suzuki Cup...

1. Indonesia (2012)


Arguably the most popular design in the Indonesian national team's history, this Nike produced strip is almost identical to that of Portugal, which only further illustrates its superiroity as one of the nicest kits in the tournament's history.

2. Singapore (2014)


An almost royal design, the Singapore strip for the 2014 Suzuki Cup is still fondly remembered by the locals, although they probably wish the four time winners could have done better in a tournament they hosted.

3. Timor-Leste (2015)


The former province of Indonesia is hardly the most successful footballing nation, but this dashing strip was used in qualification for this month's championships. The nation's flag features on the top left corner while the colours are represented too.

4. Malaysia (2014)


Designs by Nike always ooze coolness and the Malaysian home and away kits epitomised why one would want to buy their national strip. It's difficult to decide which one is nicer, but the classier home design perfectly reflects the Malaysian flag colours. 

5. Vietnam (2008)


The 2008 AFF Championships will forever remain in the Vietnamese history books with the Southeast Asian nation building on a number of close finishes to finally take home the title. Their kit that year was as simple as they come, but simplicity also evokes a smart look, with the white design stylishly coupled with a red outline.

6. Philippines (2014)


Formerly the whipping boys of the region, the Philippines have registered three consecutive 3rd place finishes and will be hoping to get one better this year. Their kit from last time round features an artistic design of the nation's flag colours and is manufactured by giants Puma.

7. Thailand (2014)


Last but not least is the Thailand strip from 2014, a tournament in which they ended as winners, the fourth time in their history. Two horizontal shades of blue dominate the front of the kit, with a neat white collar also adding to the awesome design. 

Source: 90min