Tell your kids not to be gloryhunting fans. They'll thank you in the end

28 June 2017 09:52
Your children will avoid the pain you suffered if they support a successful club, but they’ll also miss out on their heritageBy Damon Green for When Saturday Comes, of the Guardian Sport NetworkA colleague at work, drawn and tired, complained to me recently that he doesn’t want his son to grow up supporting his team. Their performances have been so shameful and the management of the club has been so dire that he would be ashamed to pass on such a legacy. I looked at him for a second, then laughed in his face. He supports Arsenal.But it’s a dilemma we all face. When our children reach the age where bullies, those active agents of Darwinism, start to single out from the herd those with sticking-out ears, or not-quite-brand-new trainers, or parents who thought Astro-Hercules was an excel lent name for a small boy, it is only natural to want to give the spiteful bastards as little ammunition as possible. And so, as parents, we decide if we really wish to inflict our own woes on our poor, innocent children. Related: The five ages of being a football fan Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian