Teddy Sheringham: ‘If I’d had this start in the Premier League I’d have lost my job’

06 November 2015 12:00
Manager in his first season says Stevenage have taken a massive risk but the 49-year-old is confident he can turn around the club’s fortunesThe first thing that stands out about Teddy Sheringham as he strides into his office at Stevenage’s training ground is he looks as fit and wiry as ever, even though he turns 50 in April. He offers a firm handshake, flashes a smile and swings his feet on to his neat and tidy desk. He seems at ease, comfortable in his new surroundings. But lingering in the background, behind Sheringham’s easy-going confidence, lies the sense he may not be here for long if he cannot steer Stevenage away from the lower reaches of League Two soon.Sheringham is a man in a hurry. He has entered management late after spending a few years on the poker circuit. Aside from his spell coaching West Ham United’s strikers last season, he lacks experience and he puffs out his cheeks when he thinks about the opportunity Stevenage’s chairman, Phil Wallace, has given him. Related: Stevenage’s Teddy Sheringham will not play cup game despite being registered Continue reading......read full article

Source: TheGuardian