Swindon’s Michael Doughty: ‘I’ll never apologise for my background’

13 September 2018 11:00
The midfielder, son of the late Nottingham Forest owner Nigel, reflects on going to Harrow school and walking into the ‘lion’s den’ of professional footballOn a late summer afternoon in London, in a coffee shop a few yards away from the canal boats moored in Paddington Basin, Michael Doughty is eloquently piecing together his life story, talking about everything from wearing straw hats to school to scoring hat-tricks for Swindon as he explains his unlikely journey into the “lion’s den” of professional football.Erudite and gregarious, Doughty breaks the mould when it comes to the stereotypical footballer. The 25-year-old is a straight-A student for a start (literally – he has 14 A grades on his CV) and was educated at Harrow. He is also the eldest son of Nigel, the former Nottingham Forest owner, who was a hugely successful businessman, staunch supporter of the Labour party and among the wealthiest people in Britain when he died six years ago, at the age of 54. Related: Grimsby manager Michael Jolley: ‘I saw the second tower fall – that stays with you’ I wouldn’t use the word prejudice but it’s a preconception of who I am, probably based on a caricature of Boris Johnson Continue reading......read full article

Source: TheGuardian