Struggling football fans everywhere can take heart from Oyston’s ousting | Daniel Taylor

03 March 2019 09:00
Blackpool supporters can finally talk of Owen Oyston in the past tense, which may just offer hope to those at Charlton, Coventry and elsewhere with inadequate or reviled ownersThat was a belter of a line from Lieven De Turck, representing the always bewildering Roland Duchâtelet at a forum of Charlton Athletic supporters a few nights ago, when the man reputedly in charge of trying to sell the club floated what viewers of Blackadder might recognise as the “cunning plan” option.He didn’t put it in those terms, of course, but equally I’m not even sure Baldrick would have come up with something quite so brilliantly harebrained as standing up in front of a room of already exasperated football fans and proposing, in one of those lightbulb moments that probably encapsulate Duchâtelet’s five years as Charlton’s owner, that the Football League should get them out of a hole by buying the club.Karl Oyston drove around Blackpool with an OY51 OUT registration plate on his car Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian