Stevenage's Phil Wallace: 'We've always been a community club'

17 March 2020 21:00
Stevenage and Stenhousemuir are two clubs helping the community during the pandemic, from players phoning fans to volunteers doing shoppingPhil Wallace is assailed by worry from all sides. As if being stuck to the bottom of League Two were not bad enough, Stevenage’s chairman fears the financial ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic could force his club to fold. For the moment, though, he is concentrating on even more urgent priorities.Along with Scotland’s Stenhousemuir, Stevenage have placed themselves at the vanguard of initiatives whereby football clubs effectively transform themselves into emergency branches of the social services, offering lifelines to the elderly and the vulnerable placed in solitary confinement by the threat from Covid-19. Related: Barnet lay off all non-playing staff as club counts cost of coronavirus Related: Euro 2020 postponed for a year by Uefa because of coronavirus crisis Continue full article

Source: TheGuardian