Ryan Gauld: 'Being called Mini Messi didn't bother me but people expected more'

07 May 2020 06:50
Midfielder tipped for greatness as a Dundee United teenager aims to prove a point at Farense after tough time with SportingRyan Gauld wasn’t short of suitors when seeking a transfer from Sporting Lisbon last summer, proving reputations such as his linger. The Scot dubbed “Mini Messi” as a teenager might have been expected to board the first flight out of Portugal but he had other ideas. Gauld took the path to Farense, a little-fancied club in the second tier who have defied consensus by earning promotion courtesy of a season abandonment confirmed on Tuesday.“I felt like I hadn’t accomplished everything I wanted to here,” Gauld says from his home in Vilamoura. “I would have been leaving without showing to everyone what I can do. I wanted to stick around and prove myself. Continue reading......read full article

Source: TheGuardian