Premier League to introduce new rule to avoid future breakaway attempts

22 April 2021 09:15

The Premier League is understood to be introducing a new rule which will forbid any of its clubs from attempting to join a breakaway league following the Super League saga.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal all committed to join the Super League on Sunday evening, before pressure from both fans and the media caused all six clubs to withdraw.

Prior to the six teams announcing their decision to leave the competition, a whole host of threats were made by football's governing bodies with regards to the players and clubs involved being banned from various competitions should they choose to go ahead with the plans.

The punishments for those involved could be severe | Visionhaus/Getty Images

Since the collapse of the proposal, attention has now turned to how football's governing bodies can detract clubs from making any similar ploys in the future.

The Premier League is understood to be introducing a new rule which would mean clubs would face instant expulsion from England's top tier should they join a breakaway league.

The Times report that a governance review is already underway, with Premier League chief Richard Masters working alongside the FA to ensure any future threat to the league is immediately quashed.

A source close to the developments said: “This will kill off the threat of English clubs joining a European Super League for ever."

Richard Masters is keen to avoid any future breakaway competitions | Alex Morton/Getty Images

The Premier League's existing regulations provide a list of other competitions that teams are permitted to compete in, however the FA intend to amend said rule to remove any ambiguity with the punishment of expulsion from the league added in.

The fallout from the Super League debacle looks set to rumble on for weeks to come, with club owners now desperately trying to build bridges with both their fans and the 14 Premier League clubs not involved in the proposal.

Arsenal chief executive Vinai Venkatesham has already personally contacted the 14 clubs to apologise for his part in the saga, while Premier League chief Masters looks far from done with the matter and has reportedly demanded a number of executives from the clubs involved remove themselves from any Premier League sub-committees they were involved in.

Source: 90min