Plummeting temperatures send fixture list into meltdown – could articial pitches be the real answer?

12 January 2009 19:05
Twenty-three Football League games were postponed at the weekend, and most of them did not need to beFor a nation obsessed with discussing the weather, we're awful at dealing with it. A slightly chilly spell causes communications systems to collapse, the transport network buckles under three millimetres of snow, shops are forced to close by a sustained frost and we all end up eating decades old tins of Alphabetti Spaghetti.Football is by no means immune to this wintry malaise. Obviously only the weird and twisted among us would want to watch players suffer horrific injuries on concrete-like surfaces, but for 18 of the 24 fixtures in the bottom two divisions to fall victim to an all-too-predictable cold snap and five Championship fixtures to be postponed as well seems absurd. It's not as if football is normally played in July. It's a winter sport. Shouldn't we be able to cope with a bit of sub-zero action from time to time? Continue full article

Source: TheGuardian