Peterborough’s Darragh MacAnthony: ‘FA Cup is not just a romantic thing’

26 January 2018 16:27
Owner says a good Cup run would mean he could avoid having to use his own money to keep the club going“Before I came, we trained in a field and there were dogs crapping all over it. Now look at it. The 3G pitch outside, that’s a £600,000 facility. We spent 350 grand on the interiors. We moved all our staff up here. The players used to eat lunch at the stadium then drive back to the park. Have you seen our kitchen now? I’ve just been in there, all the players are having their lunch. We’ve got our own chef. And he’s a decent chef too.”Darragh MacAnthony is in full flow. The chairman and owner of League One Peterborough United is sitting at the training ground he renovated, preparing for the arrival of Leicester City on Saturday for an FA Cup fourth-round tie and MacAnthony has used the opportunity to give a state of the nation address. Continue full article

Source: TheGuardian