Oxford graduates’ calamitous CVs | Brief letters

08 September 2017 17:24
Margaret Thatcher | George Osborne | British Virgin Islands | The Fife | Racing tips | Walter BeckerPerhaps there was no room for M Thatcher, MA Oxon (Letters, 7 September). She had at least half a dozen failings: Proposed withdrawal of HMS Endurance from the South Atlantic, precipitating invasion of the Falkland Islands; squandering North Sea oil and gas revenues; premature closure of coal pits; refusing EEC matching funding for regional aid; refusing to renew social housing; imposition of the poll tax first on Scotland, undermining the union…David NowellNew Barnet, Hertfordshire• One major omission from David Beake’s list of outstanding Oxford graduates: G Osborne, MA Oxon (austerity calamity)!Hugh Macmillan (MA Oxon)Wallingford, Oxfordshire Continue reading......read full article

Source: TheGuardian