Oldham Athletic v Manchester United: 1990 FA Cup semi-final – live!

08 April 2020 02:00
Live updates from the 3.30pm kick off at Maine RoadAs it happened: look back at our retro match rebootsAnd you can email your thoughts to Rob here 9.55am BST Hello and welcome to live coverage of After the Lord Mayor’s Show. The greatest match in FA Cup history ended a few minutes ago, with Crystal Palace beating Liverpool 4-3 in an absolute astonisher at Villa Park. Spare a thought for the players of Oldham and Manchester United, who have the impossible task of trying to replicate the drama when they kick off at Maine Road.As if they’ll give a flying Fibonacci about that! A place in the FA Cup final is at stake, for goodness sake, and both teams would happily take the ugliest 1-0 win in history. Especially United. The FA Cup has become an obsession for them and their hapless manager Alex Ferguson, who was on the brink of the sack at the start of their cup run. If they lose today, he’ll be back on the brink. Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian