Norwich City Sporting Director Claims Player Who Tested Positive for Coronavirus Is Now Negative

16 June 2020 11:28

Norwich City sporting director Stuart Webber has confirmed that the player who tested positive for the coronavirus on Saturday has now returned a negative - with a third test now set to be carried out.

The Canaries confirmed on Saturday that one of their players tested positive for COVID-19, and would therefore enter into self-isolation for a period of seven days. This news came just one day after the Norwich player featured in the friendly against Tottenham, and less than a week before the Premier League was due to restart.

There were concerns and questions as to whether all Norwich and Tottenham players would be required to self-isolate as a result of the positive test, but this wasn't required. Premier League research has shown that 98% of 'close contact' lasted less than five minutes per match this season - which is below the 15 minute threshold that has been set.

Nonetheless, Norwich's sporting director Webber has now provided an update on the player, explaining that he has now tested negative for COVID-19. There are a number of possible explanations for this, but the player will now take a third test. Despite the current confusion, Webber has revealed that the player is feeling well.

“Luckily, the player in question is completely fine. There is nothing wrong with him. He has actually done an independent test with our club doctor which has come back negative, which is confusing," Webber told the Beautiful Game Podcast.

"So now he has to have a third test to see if that comes back negative and to check if he has any antibodies, which could perhaps prove he had it in the past but doesn’t have it right now.

“It is all very scientific, isn't it? But the main thing is he is healthy and so is the rest of the group. But it is a good wake up call that even with all these measures in place, one of us could still get it. That is quite scary, really.”

Source: 90min