No room for half-measures in Cristiano Ronaldo’s gilded world of 110% | Simon Burnton

22 July 2016 14:00
Unlike José Holebas’s unfinished tattoo and Chesterfield’s raffle farce, the Portugal star and new hotelier shows success demands total commitmentA while ago Watford’s German-born Greek left-back José Holebas went into a tattoo studio, raised his fists and asked for the words “Don’t hate, care love” to be tattooed across his fingers. It is not easy to create a message of optimism and unity in a foreign language using no punctuation and while restricted to words that are four letters long – perhaps replacing “care” with “only”, “just” or even “make” would have been slightly better – but this was not a disastrous attempt.The problem was that, despite being heavily tattooed across his torso, Holebas was not prepared for the pain involved in inking his fingers. For a while he suffered in silence but with the job only halfway through he decided he could bear no more, told the artist to lay down his needle and departed. And so it is that Holebas’s hands now carry the considerably less inspiring legend “don’t care”. Continue full article

Source: TheGuardian