Nigel Pearson: ‘I’m a lot more thoughtful, less confrontational than in the past’

27 February 2023 17:00
Bristol City manager on owning woodland, the Mongol Rally and an England ‘certainty’ in his side preparing to face Manchester City“An insight into my world,” Nigel Pearson says, stowing away his phone after digging out a video of him, Scott Murray, Bristol City’s universally loved kit man, and the player liaison officer, Matt Parsons, out in the sticks. The scene? Almost three acres of ancient woodland in the Somerset countryside which Pearson bought last year. For Pearson it is a welcome and picturesque sanctuary, full of biodiversity but clear of the turbulence and heat that come with life as a manager. “They went down to help me take a tree out,” he explains.“Timber!” comes the call as the chainsaw bites. “My sister-in-law died two years ago of cancer so I have put a bench there,” Pearson says. “It would have been her birthday in October and her daughters have visited. I’ve built a footpath to the top – it is quite steep. The views are fantastic.” Continue full article

Source: TheGuardian