Never mind Matty Taylor's move. My dad supported both Bristol clubs for 60 years

07 February 2017 11:11
Matty Taylor has upset some Bristol Rovers fans by signing for Bristol City. The move wouldn’t have bothered Matt Nation’s dad, who used to watch them bothBy Matt Nation for When Saturday Comes, part of the Guardian Sport NetworkIf, as Samuel Johnson claimed, patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, then intra-city localism is the refuge of a bloody idiot, at least according to my father. Particularly when it means deliberately passing up the chance to watch a professional football match going on down the road.My father grew up during the second world war, just a bombsite away from the gasworks that gave Bristol Rovers their “reclaimed” nickname, so it was obvious where his family’s footballing loyalties lay. However, as soon as League football recommenced in the mid-1940s, he took the only right-thinking course of action: he started watching Bristol City as well. Related: Matty Taylor pays price for passion in Bristol with leap to City from Rovers | Stuart James Related: Hi-vis jackets and low-level bother: a steward's view of a football match Continue full article

Source: TheGuardian