Never mind England in 1966, here's Scotland conquering Europe in 1967

29 February 2016 12:41
Celtic won five competitions, Dundee United beat Barcelona home and away, Rangers made it to the Cup Winners’ Cup final and the national team beat England at Wembley. Scottish football may never enjoy success like this againBy Richard Foster for The Agony and the Ecstasy of the Guardian Sport NetworkThe English tend to go on about 1966. Such boastfulness about something that happened five decades ago can frustrate the rest of the UK and, more probably than not, the rest of the world. So it is high time that the balance was redressed and some of the limelight shared around a little more equitably by focusing on the remarkable events of the following year and the Caledonian joy that was the 1966-67 season.In many ways this was an even more exceptional year, as the Scots not only recorded one of their most famous international victories but also seriously challenged and shook the accepted order of European club football. This was not just about cocking a snook at the Auld Enemy, however pleasurable that must have been, but it was the year that Scotland became the veritable kings of the continent. Nothing like it had happened before and nothing like it has been close to matching those notable achievements since. In fact, in light of the current state of Scottish football this purple patch may never be seen again. Related: 1966: what you might not know about the most famous year in English football Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian