Mohamed Salah has never been more valuable to Liverpool than he is now

14 May 2021 07:30

124 goals in 200 games.

I'll say that again: 124 goals in 200 games.

Not since Robbie Fowler has a Liverpool striker knocked in as many goals in their first 200 appearances as Mohamed Salah, yet there are still elements of the social media fanbase that would happily see him sold to make way for a new forward this summer.

Could those people just give it a rest now? Please?

It won't be until after Salah leaves that Liverpool really realise what they've got in the Egyptian. He's a wide forward who regularly chips in with 20+ goals per season. He leads by example, he sets the standards on the training ground, he improves the team around him by simply stepping onto the pitch.and he somehow finds the time within all that to keep his abs in ridiculous shape.

That shouldn't happen, doesn't happen, and will probably never happen again. Yet here it is before our eyes.

It's been a long, hard season for Liverpool, yet Salah has somehow improved on his individual return. Away to Manchester United on Thursday, he made it 30 goals for the season for only the second time since arriving at Anfield. In terms of goals, it's his second-best season in a Liverpool shirt, despite the team around him looking weaker than ever for long spells.

Despite everything that has been going on at Liverpool, Salah has kept his eye on the prize and stepped up to the plate. Despite the players around him wilting in the glare of a collapsed title defence, Salah has stood up to the adversity and bettered himself.

He's been a bastion of reliability and you despair to think where Liverpool would be in the league this season without him (down beside Arsenal, probably). That can't be replaced on a whim, no matter how available Kylian Mbappe is.

Amid all the panic about his long-term viability as a frequent goalscorer, it's worth remembering Salah only turns 29 this summer. He has two years left on his deal, and another three - at least - before we have to worry about his powers waning meaningfully.

There is plenty of scope for things to happen in that time. Contingency plans are already being teed up: Diogo Jota will be hitting his peak by 2023 and Harvey Elliott, all going to plan, will have years more experience under his belt.

Selling Salah now would be suicide from Liverpool. Unless he requests a transfer, there is no logic casting aside their most reliable player, and the heart and soul of the team, just to make a modest fee that would immediately be reinvested in trying to replace him while he is at the very peak of his powers.

He has scored 124 goals in 200 games. Whatever sort of budget you have to spend, you can't buy that sort of reliability.

So for now, let's stop worrying about the future, and just cherish what we have while we have it.

Here's to the next 200.

Source: 90min