Mark Bonner’s departure reminds us a manager’s time in charge can be fleeting | Max Rushden

30 November 2023 11:47
After nearly four years at Cambridge, he will be remembered fondly but it does make you consider the oddness of the professionYou may not know who Mark Bonner is. If you do, it’ll most probably be in passing, perhaps after Cambridge United beat Newcastle in the FA Cup in January last year, or this week from a one-minute clip on Sky Sports News announcing his sacking as our manager after almost four years in charge. It may not have even registered. It’s just a man’s name and a League One club you haven’t thought about for a while.So you may have to change the names, players and era in this thank you letter for it to resonate, but all fans spend intense periods of their lives loving, hating, cheering, yelling at a middle-aged man sitting in a tiny shed by the halfway line occasionally writing notes on a scrap of paper – before suddenly having to move on to the next one without time to process their impact. Continue full article

Source: TheGuardian