Leandro Trossard proves himself Arsenal’s sharpshooter to rely on

20 April 2024 21:02
The Belgian forward’s knack of scoring important goals came in handy to dig his team out of a hole against WolvesLeandro Trossard is a Lego enthusiast – a few years ago he built a replica of the Taj Mahal, painstakingly assembling all 5,923 pieces – and here he produced another masterpiece with a single swipe of the right boot, even if he didn’t really mean it. With half-time looming, Arsenal were itching to find a goal and Trossard provided one in unorthodox style. Gabriel Jesus brought Kai Havertz’s cross under his spell and then somehow kept hold of the ball after falling under pressure from a touch-tight Matt Doherty before jinking clear of João Gomes and Santiago Bueno and locating Trossard. There was little room to manoeuvre but Trossard cut across the ball with his right foot and his scuffed shot billowed into the top corner, in off the upright.Trossard seems to trade in big goals. In the first game of the season he ensured the Community Shield went the distance, cancelling out Cole Palmer’s strike for Manchester City in the 11 minute of added time before Arsenal prevailed on penalties. There was his leveller to earn a point at Stamford Bridge and maintain their unbeaten start amid the unfiltered optimism of October. Last month he netted the winner on the night at home to Porto and his equaliser against Bayern Munich ensured Arsenal headed to Germany on level terms in midweek. This, however, was of different, if not greater, significance, especially given what had preceded it in the previous, largely frustrating, 45 minutes. Continue reading......read full article

Source: TheGuardian