Jamie Carragher and Robbie Fowler to launch new academy out of Melwood

14 May 2021 05:30

Liverpool legends Jamie Carragher and Robbie Fowler have announced they will take over the club's iconic Melwood training ground, turning the facility into a new academy for young people looking to kick-start careers in sport.

Melwood holds a special place in Liverpool's history, having been home to the club for almost 70 years before they moved into a state-of-the-art facility in Kirkby last year.

Melwood became synonymous with Liverpool throughout the second half of the 20th century as they rose to prominence as one of the dominant forces of English football. It takes residence in the heart of thousands of former players who stepped through its doors, and that includes Fowler and Carragher - the latter of whom spent his entire career training there.

The duo have now announced that they will take ownership of the facility now that Liverpool have vacated it, partnering with Merseyside Olympians Steve Smith and Beth Tweddle to provide new opportunities for young people in the local area.

A statement announcing the takeover reads: "Partnering with Torus to kick off the new chapter in Melwood's history was a natural fit for the Fowler-Carragher Academy and our mission to give local kids and young people opportunities to aspire and succeed.

"We are extremely excited to provide the unique offer of a fantastic education alongside a professional football programme backed by sport science experts."

Carragher elaborated in a piece for The Telegraph shortly after the announcement, explaining that the deal has been in the works for some time.

He said: "Robbie Fowler and I have joined forces to take over the site of Liverpool’s former training ground at Melwood. Our academies are merging to offer a pathway for those looking for work in the football or sports industry.

"It is our ambition to help create a new generation of well-trained professionals who, if they cannot revive their playing careers, will become sport scientists, physiotherapists or coaches. We will be offering several courses and scholarships for those seeking help gaining employment across many fields.

"Robbie and I have been in discussions for some time about forming a partnership, so when the Melwood site became available, the emotional connection was immediate and we realised it was the perfect venue. We’re thrilled the deal is being formally announced."

The new site will also be used as a hub for dementia research, as Carragher and Fowler will work with the PFA to provide assistance with a subject that is becoming increasingly prevalent within football.

Carragher continued: "Robbie and I have also spoken to the Professional Footballers Association and will be offering the site as a hub for dementia research and support for members, a subject which the public has become increasingly aware of following several high-profile cases.

"Since Liverpool vacated Melwood, it’s been a personal joy for me to be able to return to the place where I spent all of my playing career.

"It makes me extremely proud to know that I can get back to driving through those famous gates again every day."

Source: 90min