'It gets a bit boring': a Montrose fan on 21 seasons in Scotland's fourth division

29 June 2017 09:39
Montrose have not been promoted or relegated since John Major was in No10 and George Michael was at No1, but the fans’ love of their club is undyingBy Andrew Galloway for Nutmeg magazine, part of the Guardian Sport Network“Montrose born and bred,” is how Graham Christieson introduces himself to me over the phone. By the time we’ve established that he has been going to Links Park for 34 years, I’m hooked. I’m about to get the answer to a question I’ve been dying to ask: when you’ve been in Scotland’s bottom tier since John Major was running the country, just what keeps you going? Whatever it is, it’s to be commended.If supporters are the lifeblood of the game, Montrose’s dedicated fans could surely set up their own blood bank. The last time the club played a league match outside of Scotland’s lowest tier some of their players weren’t even born, the late George Michael was at No1 in the UK singles chart with Fastlove and the Scottish Parliament was merely words on a sheet of paper that would form part of New Labour’s manifesto. Related: The Lisbon Lions 50 years later: still the greatest story ever told in Scottish sport Related: Things you learn from going to football matches with a 10-year-old Continue reading......read full article

Source: TheGuardian