Is the Conservatives’ plan based on backing Fleetwood Town? It seems niche | Max Rushden

11 December 2019 13:15
Chairman Andy Pilley’s Twitter plea to fans took sport out of its bubble and plonked it at the heart of the campaign battleThank God for the sports section. You’ve read the politics. You’ve found out again how depressing the world is and now you get the escapism. Unless of course you’ve come straight to the sport. Get the fun out of the way and hopefully you’ll have to get back to work before you’re forced to read the serious news.There is of course no link at all between sport and politics. Both exist in entirely separate vacuums. And that is how it should remain. As a sports broadcaster who has ventured a few – hopefully informed but probably biased – political opinions on social media, it has got to the point where muting the phrase “stick to football” would certainly clear up my notifications. And as Jonathan Liew explained earlier this week, steering clear of politics is the safest way for sports people to have an easier life. Whichever side you support, there’ll be a backlash. Related: General election beckons but sportsmen and women are staying quiet | Jonathan Liew Continue full article

Source: TheGuardian