hummel Release Outrageous Bristol City Goalkeeper Kits

21 August 2020 12:24

hummel, hummel, hummel. You crazy Danish b--tards. You've only gone and done it again haven't you? Haven't you? ANSWER ME.

Fresh from their hell raising antics with the Watford home shirt and their fresh take on the Everton jersey, the team of mad professors churning out these memorable kits have struck gold once again.

In you don't spend your days trawling through Twitter for fresh football garments (lucky you), you may have missed the grand reveal of Bristol City's 2020/21 goalkeeper strips. This is pretty ironic, considering how obscene they are.

For their latest release, hummel have thrown outdated ideas like law and order out of the window, instead expressing their most depraved fantasies in football kit form.

The home offering looks like one of those Windows screensavers you used to see on your Dad's work computer. It's garish, it's geometric, it's mental to be honest. We love it. Here's another analogy for you. Don't you think it looks a little bit like a rainbow trying to escape from a futuristic prison cell?

We'll leave you to mull that over while we get into discussing the away kit. This one looks like a screenshot from a Skittles-inspired 8-bit video game - if you can imagine such a thing. The models, Robins stoppers Daniel Bentley and Max O'Leary, certainly seem to like their new work uniforms, as does club chairman Jon Lansdown.

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Iconic ? Vibrant ? Unique ?

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