Hull's Angus MacDonald on surviving cancer: 'I felt there was no way back'

01 April 2020 10:00
The defender, ready to return when football stopped, on his journey and learning his girlfriend Alexandra Burke’s dance moves“In my head that was me hanging my boots up – maybe not right there and then, but I felt like there was no way back for me,” says Angus MacDonald of what in August, at a hospital in Sheffield, he could not help but perceive was the beginning of the end of his football career.“As soon as the doctor said: ‘You have bowel cancer,’ that was it. I don’t remember too much of the appointment after that. I switched off and went numb. Luckily, I had the physio from the club with me and he took all of the information in because I sat back in my chair staring out of the window thinking: ‘How long have I got?’” Related: How Sonny Pike, the wonderkid who fell to earth, is guiding young players Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian