How Scottish football's voting farce led to open warfare breaking out

13 April 2020 19:00
The SPFL wanted clubs to end the season but Dundee’s missing vote has resulted in the game’s governing body being questionedScottish football does not have a monopoly on toxicity. At times like these it just feels that way. In a period when serious discussions should be taking place about the recalibration of football post-pandemic open warfare has broken out. People with involvement spanning decades admit they have not encountered anything quite like the past few days.When the chairman of the Scottish Professional Football League rounded on “damaging misinformation” in the media he had a cheek. The SPFL’s reputation has been damaged, all right to the point of laughing stock by a voting farce which barely feels believable. Related: Confusion surrounds key Dundee vote on decision to abandon SPFL season Calm heads and working for the greater good has never been so vital nor so absent Related: Rangers call for SPFL chief Doncaster to be suspended over ‘farcical’ vote Continue full article

Source: TheGuardian