How Rory Delap's long throw-ins ruffled Arsene Wenger's parka and showed us all their importance

03 May 2020 04:30
Don Hutchison reacts to Craig Burley's proposal for the Premier League ending the current season. Mark Ogden and Danny Higginbotham weigh in on how to handle promotion and relegation if the season can't finish. Craig Burley explains there is no longer a feasible path to restart the current Premier League season. The Rory Delap era at Stoke City almost never happened. Poor Arsene Wenger. "He was on loan from Sunderland when we were still in the Championship. He played against them about a week into his loan . and broke his leg, right in front of where I was sat," said Mark Taylor, an analyst who consults for Premier League clubs but also roots for Stoke City. "Instead of sending him back, which we could have, we rehabilitated him and honoured the subsequent fee. Shows how keen [former Stoke manager Tony]readfullarticle

Source: ESPN