How do retired athletes find work? A footballer has set up a careers site to help

01 September 2017 14:46
Exeter City striker Robbie Simpson noticed footballers were retiring without career prospects so set up a service to help them find fulfilling full-time workBy Jonathan Drennan for Behind the Lines, part of the Guardian Sport NetworkFootball dressing rooms can be ruthless places. The social hierarchy is established, the wisecracks are often merciless and there aren’t many moments for introspection or worrying about what to do once your career finishes. Exeter City forward Robbie Simpson understands the culture but at the age of 32 he has realised that a change in tone could help his fellow athletes. Simpson, who has played in all four divisions below the Premier League, has set up Life After Professional Sport (LAPS), an organisation that aims to help former professional athletes find full-time work.“In professional football, it is very difficult to show any vulnerability whatsoever, never mind in the dressing room. It’s a place with banter and bravado. All of that is great, but also people don’t want to show any fear or even talk about what will happen next after their careers are over, which needs to change. At League Two level, the reality is, after it’s over, you’re going to have to get a job almost straight away, so we need to start this conversation now and think of life after sport.” Related: Footballers living on the breadline: low wages, short contracts and no security Related: Johnny McKinstry: the globetrotting football manager who has just turned 32 Continue full article

Source: TheGuardian