Gareth Bale donates £1m to fight coronavirus in Spain and Wales

22 April 2020 07:24
Real Madrid forward gives £500,000 to NHS in CardiffBale donating same amount to health service in MadridGareth Bale will hand over £1m to fund the fight against coronavirus in Wales and Spain. The Real Madrid forward and his wife Emma have made a £500,000 donation to help NHS staff fighting the crisis in Cardiff and will follow that up with a further £500,000 for the health service in Madrid, where he and his family have been on lockdown since 14 March.Bale made the donation to the Cardiff and Vale Health University health board and released a video thanking NHS staff for their work amid the crisis. The charity, which is linked to the hospital where he was born, covers costs for staff and patients not provided for by NHS funding. The 30-year old, who lives to the west of Madrid, is arranging for a similar payment to be made in Spain. Related: Real Madrid players take voluntary pay cut to protect non-footballing staff Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian