Gabriel Jesus Reveals Difficulties of Backup Role at Man City Following FA Cup Final

21 May 2019 01:42

Manchester City forward Gabriel Jesus has opened up about the struggles he's had with his backup role at the club this season, and what it has taught him. 

After starting for Brazil at last summer's World Cup in Russia, Jesus returned to Manchester with renewed confidence, but ended up making just eight starts in the Premier League, and playing 652 minutes less than he did in the season before in the league.

And, speaking to ​Globo Esporte, the Brazilian admitted: “I think it was a season of learning, after everything that happened. Taking my best as a person and professional. I’ve been wanting to learn. 

Gabriel Jesus

"Sometimes people comment, especially in Brazil, about me being on the bench. I know I’m on the bench not because of a bad form of mine. But because Aguero is scoring a lot of goals, he’s helping us.

“I know when I come in I’ll help. But I have to respect it, of course. I am not a veteran, I’m not experienced, but I’ve been learning. Of course I’m not always happy. But every day I train strong.”

But ​Jesus then conceded that when he wasn't playing, thoughts of his future did creep into his head, explaining: “The life of a player. When you don’t play, you think of a thousand things."

Ultimately, though, the forward is still happy with his life in Manchester, declaring: "I’m very happy at ​City, the club that gave me the opportunity. When I decided to come, I already knew they had Agüero, who’s a legend of the club. The club’s top scorer. I knew it would not be easy, as it never was.

“I arrived in the middle of the season, I arrived well and I tried. This season I’m not playing much, but I come with patience. When I’m at home, I think about the future. Sometimes I get real that I’m only 22 years old. I’ll keep learning.”

When the conversation turned to less serious events, such as the goal he scored in the FA Cup final that ​Raheem Sterling almost stole, Jesus proclaimed: “I already knew at the time that I scored (laughs). I saw that the ball was coming in. But with this line thing, I got a bit like this. I’m happy. I spoke to Raheem. He apologised and such. I said that he has to put the ball in indeed. But well… (laughs).”

Source: 90min