From faster decisions to less panic: five ways VAR could be improved | Paul MacInnes

01 March 2018 07:28
New system is having teething problems but can be refined by making it quicker and sticking more closely to its ground rulesThis is both the trickiest fix to effect and the most vital. On Wednesday night the Wembley crowd could have succumbed to hypothermia in the time it took Paul Tierney to resolve decisions. As Mauricio Pochettino pointed out, having to wait two minutes to know whether you can celebrate a goal is a bit of a buzzkill. VAR is supposed to check all “reviewable” decisions (goals, penalties, red cards, mistaken identity). Goals are particularly problematic because the game stops and cannot restart until a decision is confirmed. Quite simply, these confirmations need to be quicker. Greater experience may help but there is a feeling that some video assistant referees also need a sit down and a reminder of the rules. Related: Fernando Llorente and VAR grab the attention as Spurs end Rochdale dream Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian