Football transfer rumours: Maicon to Manchester United?

08 October 2009 08:13
Today's nonsense is toeing the lineThe Mill lives a frictionless kind of existence. It sees no borders, carries no passport and exists mainly on a diet of extra salty jumbo peanuts and small lukewarm cans of Heineken that cost £6.50. The Mill is a citizen of the world: craggy, well-groomed and surfing the rip-tides of international commerce. A bit like Tom Cruise in that film where he flies around killing people and preaching at taxi drivers and has perfectly sculpted bouffant grey hair and the best bit is when he dies at the end and finally stops talking. Or, at least, a bit like Tom Hanks in that other film where he gets stuck in an airport and wanders around being a rootless, charming idiot savant with a generic "foreign" accent that involves saying things like "HyI hyave hyleanrt hymany hythings hyabyout hyAmerica".So the Mill hates international week. Nobody ever issued a sensational want-away come-and-get-me-plea cash-plus-player swap loan deal involving a 16-agent pay-off clause in international week. International week is the anti-rumour. And it's all terribly sad because even the Mill can see that if England could just shift out David James, Glen Johnson and Emile Heskey to Finland or Slovenia or Honduras, and then successfully unsettle, chisel out and swoop for Maicon, Igor Akinfeez and Dider Drogba, then they might have a decent team. Chuck in Ryan Giggs on a Bosman and Franck Ríbery in an octuple swap deal involving Carlton Cole, Shaun Wright-Phillips and six other of Those Blokes Who Sit There Next To Wes Brown Chewing Gum And Then Clapping At The End, and we might be in business. Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian