Fear not Luton – there’s still joy to be found in a losing streak | Max Rushden

21 September 2023 13:00
Love for your club isn’t proportional to success. And there is a sense of pride in supporting a team in the tough timesLuton Town have no points. Four games. Four defeats. There is no shame in that. A question then: would there be a tipping point for Luton fans (not the rest of us), where getting nought points all season would be some kind of badge of honour? A season to remember like no other?Before Hatters supporters accuse me of patronising them or being a jealous Cambridge fan, and Rob Edwards sticks this column to the dressing-room wall, nothing (well, not many things) would give me more pleasure this season than his side confounding everyone and staying up. Continue reading......read full article

Source: TheGuardian