Every Premier League home kit for the 2021/22 season - ranked

06 August 2021 04:30

A quick public service announcement before we begin: the Premier League home kits for this season are a disgrace to the beautiful game.

Huge, ugly sponsors and kit designers simply getting bored have tarnished what should be a season of celebration as fans return to stadiums in their masses.

Thankfully, there are some beautiful away and third kits to enjoy - though they'll be ranked at a later date. In the mean time, here's 90min's definitive ranking of every Premier League home strip for the 2021/22 season.

20. Chelsea

Pros: It's blue in some places
Cons: My eyes are bleeding

As someone who loves a bold and daring design, I really tried to like this kit. Well, as hard as a Spurs fan can force himself to try and admire a Chelsea kit, anyway. But it's just too whacky for the sake of being whacky. A fit that's not fit for the champions of Europe.

19. Arsenal

Pros: A kit straight from the 1980s
Cons: Collar is so big that Harry Hill would be proud to wear it

Southampton were so close to perfection with this effort, but it looks as rough as sandpaper and has a couple of goofy features which keep it off of the podium.

3. Wolves

Wolves have returned to a lighter shade of orange | Visionhaus/Getty Images

Pros: What a lovely shade of orange
Cons: The wolf on the sock looks like it wants to be out of it's misery

Remember when I said that Castore look like they should be working with 007? This is what the super spy wears to five-a-side. Phwoarrrrrr.

2. Manchester United

Pros: Cannot fault the actual kit at all
Cons: 'The Mancunian Way'? You know there's a better team in Manchester, right?

adidas have released a lot of classic Man Utd shirts in recent years that made fans think 'it would be great if the current kits looked this great'. They got their wish.

1. Watford