Europe's Attacking Stars...Who Had Fewer Assists Than Trent Alexander-Arnold This Season

09 August 2020 09:26

Trent Alexander-Arnold. Defender, playmaker, really, really good footballer. Like, historically good. How good?

Alexander-Arnold's 13 assists this season broke his own record for assists for a defender in the Premier League, putting him second behind only behind Kevin De Bruyne across all positions. The Englishman also snagged an assist in both the Champions League and the Club World Cup, because why not?

He's held aloft the Champions League, Premier League, Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup trophies in the past 14 months.and he's 21.

It's time to stop measuring his attacking contributions against other defenders – it just doesn't work. Let's have a look at him against some forwards instead.

Source: 90min